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Try A Teaser

Try using a teaser to attract the fish to the back of your boat. A simple teaser can be made from a small square plastic bottle (like Fiji water). Add a little weight by putting either sand or small pebbles (depending on the desired rattle), and then add some foil from chip bags etc to add some flash. Tie a loop around the neck, get it to pull off one of the corners and throw it behind the boat about 20 feet back. It should flip and flop, and occasionally dive under the water, causing lots of commotion. For calmer days replace the sand with a couple of stainless washers. The ultimate teaser also leaves a bubble trail which the fish follow and lock on to. It's sort of like looking up in the sky and seeing a jet's contrail WAY before you ever see the plane. I wasnít sure how big and noisy a teaser could get until I read about one used for tuna. It was made from 2x6 lumber, was four feet long, weighed 30 lbs and required ľ rope to tie it to the boat; tuna loved it!! Luckily we donít have the room or Iíd probably have one too! As you get closer to shore remove the teaser, unless there is serious surface fish action visible.


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