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A Slow Start

On our initial jaunt across the pacific from Mexico to New Zealand (9000 miles) I caught a total of three fish while sailing; a slight embarrassment and a blow to my survivor instinct to say the least. After stocking up on lures and hand lines in both Tonga and then again in New Zealand, we finally started catching fish when we returned to Fiji. The key was running multiple lures and adding surface action increased our catch rates even more.

Game fishing boats typically run 10-12 lines with a teaser, but have the added benefit of outriggers to keep lines separated and in control etc. Well the good news for cruising boats is we usually have multiple things hanging off the back of the boat, which gives us plenty of points for release clips to attach more lines. Youíve got stern cleats and stanchion bases down low, stern rails a little higher up and the back stay even higher. If you have an arch, you are sitting under a configurable fishing machine. Catamarans, I canít even begin to tell you how many lures you could run.


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