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Living without a connection

The sneakernet is a method of getting data from one computer to another without a direct connection. It has unlimited range, contains automatic backup once downloaded, and will work on most computers. We use a USB flash drive, and the transfer speed from the internet to your computer is about as fast as you can walk; slow but it can be safer than the alternative.  Let's say you happen to find a place in town that will let you bring in your computer and hook up directly. Computers and sea water don't really get along. They are worse than oil and water, they simply don't mix. In fact one dies a very quick death when they come in contact. Do you REALLY want to lug the computer with all your critical data through the surf? When there's a will there is a way; I have some friends that have had water splash up, bounce off the underside of the bimini, fly up under the dodger, flip down the companionway, and work its way around the plastic sheet hanging there to protect.. yes .. the computer. Soaked and Sizzled. Gone.


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