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Handy Boat Tools

  • 12 volt multi-tool Black and Decker multi-tool has changeable heads for a drill, jig saw and sander, and another version had a router, and circular saw. The battery life is not very good so I hook it up directly to a cigarette lighter wire it to the location where the battery connects.

  • Sail repair goodie bag (Spare for every fitting and webbing)

  • Volt meter. Make sure you have a good volt meter so you can check voltages and voltage drop. The hands free option is nice when trying to handle multiple wires AND the meter at the same time. A clamp current meter is a very easy way to measure current and I've used it to debug where current is flowing in my solar/wind charging system. You need to clamp a single lead (+ or -) but not both in order to make it work. It also helps debug alternator problems, if you have AC current flowing from your alternator DC output then your diodes are starting to go.

  • Multiple tool bags: I have four small ones. One for wood tools, one for wrenches etc. They are easier to organize than multiple tool boxes, and it's easier to find things. Have basic set of tools (two screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, long nose pliers, slip joint pliers) readily available (mine are in a small bag in the companion way). Also keep my wrenches in as small rollout pouch bag which is easy to bring to the areas you are working on. If you've got the room, a nice bag with internal pockets would be nice. Buy stainless if possible (Seafit makes some but I'm not sure of the quality).

  • VCI. Vapor corrosion inhibitor (Bullfrog is one brand); they come in various forms including cards you can add to your tool bags, sprays you can coat your tools with etc. If you donít they rust in no time.

  • Sea Breathe 12 volt Electric Snorkel is very useful for bottom Cleaning. It could also double as a fun way to explore reefs and passes with the addition of an external battery (and placed in dinghy). It is also useful in an emergency to get untangled from fishing nets (all over SE Asia), or to get untangled from a large ball of 200lb monofilament fishing line that gets entangled in your prop and shaft in croc infested waters (been there - done that).


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