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Cruising - General

  • Boat cards – You have enough to think about without trying to remember everyone's details. The basic business cards are free and everyone trades boat cards as a way to keep in touch. We also have a boat logbook where people can add pictures and notes etc. Unfortunately we didn’t really use it the first year. See our
  • Boat Card.

  • Calendar - Keep a calendar to write simple quick notes about the days activities to tickle you later while writing BLOGs, journals, etc. My sister sends us one with family photos and birthday reminders. We laminate it and write on it with fine point permanent markers. You can design your own at Vista Print
  • , but it's not the same as having someone else update it with the latest photos for you.

  • Self inking boat stamp – Officials love stamps and they are also helpful for keeping track of which books you've read. We put the boat name, documentation number, home port, and captain's name along with a line where he can sign and date. We also developed our own logo which makes the background.
  • Blue ink is best because it stands out on documents, use "_ " to make the signature line. See our Boat Stamp.

  • Hand Cranked Washing Machine – It builds up pressure (which cleans better) and uses very little water.  Good if you have the space, if not get a good wash board, wringer, and plunger.

  • Coopers Beer Kit - Nothing beats a good cold beer after a nice fulfilling day. In Majuro 30-40% of the cruisers were making their own beer. It’s cheap, easy to make, and has great flavor - unlike most of the expensive, watered down beer available out here (at $10+ a six pack).
  • Our favorite kit is the IPA (India Pale Ale) which tastes as good, if not better, than most micro-brews. If you've never tried a Coopers homebrew or have been turned off by homebrews in the past, you have to try these kits. If your heading out soon and enjoy a good microbrew and are NOT planning on brewing your own, start the weaning process NOW!  Here are some onboard brewing tips:
    • Store the yeast in the fridge to extend its life in the tropics (the yeast is stored under the plastic cap on the brew kit).  Also pre-activate the yeast prior to adding it to the wort (do this by mixing the yeast with warm water 10 minutes before adding).  This will allow you to confirm that your yeast hasn't gone bad.
    • Look for one-step sanitizer to save water & time. A one-step will sanitize without soaking (on contact with minimal swishing) and does not require rinsing.
    • If you are using watermaker water, add about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of salt to the wort before adding the yeast.
    • We also keep our bottled beer in a large Rubbermaid bin in case they leak.

  • Baby Wipes - Yeah they work, bring lots, enough said. Wipe down after a dusty day in town to recharge. Like a mini-shower in a tub.

  • Hand Sanitizer - Carry a small bottle ashore with you.  The locals all love to shake hands, the children seem to always have colds, and you will always be invited to eat something ... without utensils.  But be discreet when using it as to not offend your hosts.


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