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Boat Plumbing

  • Close ALL thru-hulls after use, this leaves no question if they are open, and the use keeps them lubricated and working smoothly. I left my sink drain open for a month and the growth seized it. I broke the handle trying to open it and was forced to haul out to replace it.. uggh!

  • Lavac Head - Expensive but WELL worth it. Great external pump, can plumb with Forespare Marelon Diverter Y valve before pump, to pump out holding tank. Easily maintained buy using vinegar once a month to keep scale out of lines/valves. Can also plumb Y adapter into the incoming water line to a bottle of holding tank cleaner or make your own by adding vanish blue tablets to water. Poke a hole in the top of the bottle and plump line directly in, need to adjust volume of cleaner etc into main line.

  • Deck wash down with Y valve for Salt/Fresh

  • Cockpit salt water wash down for fishing in addition to fresh water shower


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