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Keep Things from Flying

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  •  2" Square Sports Netting with bungee/clips so that you can lower it out of the that you can lower it out of the way in harbor. Square netting is much easier to design and cut then standard marine netting.

  • Double Sided Velcro Straps (Buy a couple of full rolls)

  • Hurricane Laundry clips (railing etc) Tie one end of the line to the shroud then thread your tee-shirts onto the line (in one arm and out the other and hold in place with the clips, which work on the life lines as well. Get a Laundry delicates hangers for the underwear/bras.

  • Strong fasteners for 1" webbing tie downs like jerry cans (make sure you use the webbing made specifically for batteries if thatís your plan).DSCF4365.jpg (47541 bytes)DSCF4361.jpg (40621 bytes)

  • 1" Webbing to strap down settee storage, fridge, Stove/Oven for rough weather

  • Flat Hooks and straps (for heavy weather tie downs)


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