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Galley Storage

  • Air-tight containers
    Don’t be cheap; not all containers are truly airtight, and bugs can eat through cheap plastic.  Two recommended brands:  Rubbermaid Snap Top and Click Clacks.  Both come in various shapes & sizes, and can be stacked. Both have rubber sealants in the lids … keeps bugs out, or if you get some bad product, keeps the bugs in and from spreading to other containers. 

    Take the time to measure your various storage locations and container options; done right you can utilize every nook-and-cranny.  We recommend smaller sized containers rather than huge ones; for example instead of buying one large container that holds 10lbs of flour downsize and buy two that will hold about 5lb each.  This is more critical for pastas, flours, rice, and other products that have a high bug potential.  You want to minimize contamination / bug spreading potential when at all possible.

    While product packaging in the States can be great, it can be pretty lame on the remote islands, and many places (like NZ) utilize Bin shopping … therefore good containers will become more crucial as your journey progresses.  We repackage just about everything we bring aboard.DSCF4394.jpg (38638 bytes)

  • Evert-Fresh Green Bags
    They really do work, both in or out of the refrigerator.  Vegetables keep easily twice as long, if not longer.  Multiple sizes.

  • Ziplocs
    The freezer bags seem to work best, as they are thicker and less likely to tear.  With washing & re-use they last virtually forever. Yes you will wash ziplocks!! They even make a drying rack for bags. For some reason no one in the world makes re-sealable plastic bags like zip lock, we've tried them all. We ended up filling our luggage with then on the way back to Majuro. Now ziplock even makes large heavy duty bags for clothes, charts, and souvenirs. We use a collection of 2 gallon . 1 gallon , and quart . They even have an XXL that's 2 feet x 2.7 feet.

  • Wicker basketsDSCF4376.jpg (48079 bytes)
    Provides well ventilated area for storing fruits and veggies; without swinging & bruising.  Refer to various guides/books for what veggies/fruits to not store within the same basket.

  • Camping egg carriers/crates
    Work great for transportation (take them to the store with you) and storage.  Provides protection in the refrigerator, and if an egg does break contains any spillage.  Outside the refrigerator, provides an easy turning mechanism.  If you have a choice in size, buy for larger eggs; as some out of way countries only have one size eggs and you’ll have trouble getting them to fit inside your carrier.  (Our carrier fits a medium to large sized egg, but is too small for extra-large eggs).  We have three carriers on board.DSCF4368.jpg (39247 bytes)

  • Spice Rack
    If you can find a spot to mount a permanent rack it is highly recommended.  Makes spices easer to find and organize, and frees your cupboard space for other goods.  Pick spice containers first and build rack to fit.  Stackable spice containers work well, the clear version lets you see the contents and they look good too. 

  • Knife Rack/HolderDSCF4369.jpg (59075 bytes)
    A sturdy holder or rack for sharper knives helps minimize rusting and is a bit safer than having them loose in a galley drawer.

  • Clips
    There are a variety of types and styles … anything that will clip an open bag will work.  We also use ours for closing our Evert-Fresh bags.

  • Fizz Keeper
    Screws on to soda bottles, and pumps to extract out air, thereby maintaining carbonation.

  • Vacuum Wine Sealer
    For keeping wine fresh in the bottle… assuming you ever have any left over!

  • Aluminum Wine Bottle
    For keeping wine cold. We found it in Australia and luckily we bought three. We decant our Chateau-de-Carton into the aluminum bottle which chills in 1/3 of the time as glass.

  • Pear Foam & Tube socks
    Many times pears and other delicate fruits are shipped to the grocery stores, individually wrapped in tubular foam pads (for lack of a better description).  These pieces of foam work perfect for glasses and other glass objects in the galley.  We also use Tube socks for our wine and liquor bottles.

  • Collapsible Crates [Milk]
    These are great because they flatten and store away when not needed and can be pulled out for those bigger provisioning times (such as when initially heading out on a long passage or leaving a location where you scored some of your long missed favorite foods)

  • Car Trunk Organizer
    When we have a lot of stuff we also use a collapsible car trunk organizer which folds to nothing

  • Collapsible Left Over Containers
    They take up much less storage space, and you don't have to store them stacked with unmatchable lids somewhere else just to save space.

  • Snapware
    Easy to access tops with nice rubber seals to keep everything air tight. We have a set for coffee (grounds, sugar, powdered creamer), pasta, rice..on and on.

  • Vacuum Sealer (Electric + Hand Pump)
    We finally added a electric Food saver in Australia and don't know how we lived with out it. Things last much longer with out air. We even cut up cheese and seal into a cheese plate collection. One guests arrive we grab one, instead of opening five/six different cheeses. Make sure you get extra bags that work in your machine, we wash ours a couple of times and re-seal. The hand pump has little stickers with foam on the bottom which act like one way valves. You poke a hole in the can/jar lid place the sticker over the hole and pump the air out. We tried using it with ziplocks but they don't stay air tight very long.


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