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Fuel Storage + Transfer

  • DSCF4405.jpg (57902 bytes) Depending on your destination, your days with a drive up fuel dock may be numbered. In most remote locations it is easier to Jerry Can fuel to your boat. If there are fuel docks they are usually for fishing boats (and rats/cockroaches). The best place to store them is empty and out of the way below deck where they canít get diesel everywhere WHEN they leak. We store four of them on deck, full of fuel, attached to the stanchions which have dual supports for strength. We havenít had a problem but I know lots of long term cruisers how have a strong ďnothing stored on deckĒ rule.

  • Have a secure well vented place to store dinghy gasoline and a spare propane bottle. We store ours in the old anchor locker switch is isolated from the rest of the boat.

  • Have good transfer hoses and a Funel filter to filter all fuel while it goes in the tank. I bought a small 12 volt pump so that I can pump the fuel off the top of the cans without distributing all the gunk which has settled. They make some pretty clever siphon starters (a ball in a tube), which you shake up and down to get things flowing.

  • Use a good fuel conditioner added to the jerry cans as well as the main tank, some have better protection so you can carry less.

  • Consider adding a fuel polishing system to the boat. Instead of two switch able filters, have a main loop that continually filters the fuel with a line and an additional filter that draws fuel off the loop to the main engine. Be sure to install make sure that systems on the loop can have pressurized fuel with out issues and add check valves in the correct places if needed.

  • Check your tanks prior to leaving and see if they need to be cleaned. Add a good inspection/cleaning port if there isnít already one. It also helps to have a tank drain at the bottom to check the condition of the fuel occasionally. If you see what looks like rust it may be dead algae, check it with a magnet.

  • Keep the tanks full, especially in humid places. The condensation of the empty spaces will add water to the fuel and allow algae to grow.


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