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Easy Foods + Food Preservation

    The reference and cookbooks listed in the previous sections provide a number of tid-bits for food storage and preservation, as well as suggestions on how to provision.  The items listed below are the items that we didnít come across a lot and/or were less commonly known about throughout the cruising fleet.

  • Bisquick Quick Packs
    Found in most American Grocery stores, but nowhere else.  We love them so much we have our family ship them to us.  They come in a variety of flavors; cinnamon, honey butter, three cheese, cheesy garlic, and plain.  One packet plus Ĺ cup water makes six delicious biscuits.  Perfect for passage or any other time your feeling a bit too lazy to cook!

  • Canned Butter
    Does not have to be refrigerated.  After opening we refrigerate ours just because it is otherwise too soft (in the tropics Ö it was fine in NZ).  Easy to find in NZ and in most of the tropics, but not necessarily in the States. The Internet Grocer also sells lids that fit the butter can for after opening.

  • Canned Chicken
    This stuff rocks!  Make sure you get a Premium Chunk Chicken Breast in its own juices or water.  Both Trader Joeís and Costco sell quality, good tasting brands. Most cans are between 10-14oz.   We use it for everything; stir-fryís, Indian dishes, enchiladas, tacos, sandwiches, pasta salads and more.  In many dishes it doesnít stay real chunky, rather tends to become shredded, but still tastes good.  Impossible to find outside the states (including New Zealand).  

  • Canned Hamburger & Other Meats
    Yes, they really make canned hamburger, and it is really quite good.  However it is getting more difficult to find.  The brand we left the states with no longer exists.  The Internet Grocer still sales canned hamburger, but we havenít tried their current brand, and it appears that the cost per ounce has increased.  The Internet Grocer also sales other good canned meat products, such as BBQ Pork (which makes great pulled-pork sandwiches), Turkey, Sausages, etc (while they also sale canned chicken, I prefer the chicken from TJís or Costco).  Their cans tend to be a bit larger, so check sizes before ordering.  Also you may want to email them and confirm the actual weight of the can versus shipping weight, we had a bit of confusion there when we thought we were getting one size but ended up with another.

  • Ginger Preservation
    Peel ginger and place in clean glass jar (such as an old pasta sauce jar).  Cover with a dry sherry, and then store.  It does not have to be refrigerated, and ginger seems to last for many, many months.  In addition sherry can be poured off and used in dressings and other dishes (be sure to always add more sherry so that ginger is completely covered).

  • Garlic Preservation
    Peel garlic and place in a clean glass jar (such as an old pasta sauce jar).  Completely cover with vegetable oil or olive oil.  It does not have to be refrigerated.  The garlic wonít last as long as the ginger, but still seems to go for a number of months, in addition, since it is already peeled, itís ready to use, and the garlic infused oil is terrific in stir fryís, dressings and other dishes.


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