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Cockpit Features

  • DSCF4442.jpg (41824 bytes)Permanent Bimini (with side/back shades and gutters for rain catching)

  • Wind curtains made out of 90% shade cloth, allows you to see out easily, while blocking most rain and water.

  • Good seat cushions with small bean bags for leaning against (Freebag makes a good size but they mildew easily). We removed half the stuffing from a full size bag which works well, however cloth shouldn’t be as sticky as vinyl. Type four cushions work too but bean bags are better.

  • It is helpful to have the following easily accessible for the cockpit.DSCF4387.jpg (43578 bytes)DSCF4388.jpg (39869 bytes)

  • We use Beckson flexible plastic pockets mounted in the companion way - which stays dry under the hard dodger. We also have a small Tool pouch for on watch extras.

  • Turnable helm display/controls - We never stand behind the wheel at the helm. Keep the instruments simple and try and make them viewable from various points in the cockpit (under the dodger, laying down fore and aft etc). Since our GPS is the instrument we watch the most, I made a flexible holder out of a quick release rail clamp and a RAM mount holder. We use the Ram Swivel to get the largest range of viewing angles. We flip the quick clamp to change fore/aft viewing based on our location.

  • Hard Dodger (with opening ports on top for better air circulation). Makes a very water tight safe area on the boat (where someone should be the entire time underway).

  • Cockpit LED lights ( for reading and entertaining at anchor. Mini mag-lite clips can be converted to hold lights that clamp on the stern rail and aim forward so that we can read and be in the breeze in the aft part of the cockpit.
  • DSCF4441.jpg (42943 bytes)

  • Arch for solar panels, antennas, radar, wind generator, davits (not for passage use), outboard hoist, propane tank mount for BBQ, fish cleaning station. See comments about other solar mounting options. I have seen an arch with the radar mounted UNDER the solar panels which is a very clever solution to shading.

  • Solid stainless rails around the entire cockpit, feels VERY secure.  Ours are attached to higher than normal lifelines throughout the rest of the boat.

  • Nova Lift outboard engine hoist (designed by the former owner, sold by Forespar)DSCF4409.jpg (56420 bytes)

  • A low transom swim step (easy on and off) if your transom shape allows it. Ours is made from stainless steel and can be easily added to most boats.

  • Stauff green clamps for rails etc. Cheap solution to strapping your stuff to the rail, they are not very UV stable.


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