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Maps, Maps and .. more Maps

We've finished our trip!! From Ventura, California to Turkey in the Med we sailed about 27,500 nM, visited 25 countries, spent 159 nights at sea and anchored 245 times. These maps are the best way to navigate all of our content (on various sites).

BlurbBits Interactive Maps (the best way to navigate our online content)
A single window contains both the map and the web page associated with the marker. Selecting content zooms into the specified location on the map and opens the page below. No new pages or tabs to navigate, just a single map that drives it ALL.

Billabong's Route Map.. Popup Preview
Blogs, Albums, Videos, Journals etc open below map..
extra options are available under Map Type/Options pulldown menu - wikipedia and Panoramio photos

Where's Billabong Map.. Popup Preview
Our blogs (starting with our last position) including extra details from Thailand to Turkey.

The BlurbBits maps are AUTOMATICALLY updated when we make a new post to our Blogger blog (even from the middle of the ocean via email).
Check out our blog for more examples (including dynamic popup maps/albums like this). 95% of those post were made via email!!
More flexible, more automatic, and All FREE. BlurbBits is a free set of utilities that allows users to Blog/Map and share photos, we developed it during this trip.
Google Earth Files (the best way to get the most accurate detail)
These files include all the content above plus detailed GPS tracks (Passages, Anchorages + Days/Nights at Sea).
The position reports () are boring but the distance between them represents 24 hours of sailing (format is YYMMDD).
The longest leg took 24 days (non-stop from Mexico to the Marquesas).
Online Use
The images (and links) require a connection to the internet and the file "plays nice" with the various online viewers (like above).

Offline Use
This file was designed for offline use in Google Earth. The images are included as part of the kmz file and blurbs give a summary of the content. Links still require connection to the internet.

Submit your content and Map your blogs

Do you have your own cruising blog? Submit it to our Cruising Blogs Search.

We hope people will take the time to help fellow cruisers by adding additional lat/lng information so we can map the results. You'll be able to map your blogs too!!
The following CBS widget has been configured to search for the input text and position in our blog and maps the results..

Submit your blog

Now we were are back we have started a community blog where we will highlight sailing and adventure content from around the web. Please feel free to contribute your favorite content. If you follow the instructions for specifying your location we can map your posts (also works on most personal blogs). Contact us with questions in the comments below..we are also available for custom map design and implementation.

The World's Largest Map Store!


For site comments or questions please use the site comments page.

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Our original maps (before Blurbbits)
Where We've Been (old) - The Old version of our overview map
Where's Billabong (old) - The Old version of our Where's Billabong Map

From Ventura, California to Finike in the Med we've sailed over 27,500 nautical miles. We've sailed the Pacific Ocean, SE Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea - cruising Mexico, the Marquesas, Tuomotus, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia. Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Maldives, Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and Turkey. The "Coconut Milk Run" with a few side trips. We love it. Hopefully this will get you excited about the possibilities of exploring the world in your own yacht. Remember every night you get to go "home" and sleep in your own bed. What a life!!

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