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We've sailed about 27,500 nM to date, and we've been documenting what works, what doesn't, and the changes we've made along the way. Where's Billabong Now?

Hopefully you'll find this information helpful, or it will trigger area(s) that you haven't thought of yet in your cruising preparation. Please drop us a line if you do, and we'll try and keep the information coming!!

Indonesian Lagoon Sailing 2007

If you need more inspiration browse our photo albums to the left, use our interactive map to browse videos, photo albums, journals and blogs or go straight to Billabong's cruising website.

What a bliss to be in the cockpit with the sun and the warm breeze
on one's skin, just watching the sea, and the sky and the sails..

                                                                                    Sir Francis Chichester

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If you've every dreamed of crossing an ocean on you own yacht, or living aboard for extended periods "off the grid", we hope this website will help. When we returned home for a short "vacation" from our voyage, we found that we were inundated with questions from people outfitting their boats and trying to get ready to leave. "Should I do this.. or that? Do you think this will work? What do you do about xyz?". We've spent a lot of time documenting what works for us, what doesn't, and some of the things we've added along the way. We're trying to share this information in a clean format, without having to read through blogs, journals or conflicting opinions on bulletin boards, just to get the answers you might be searching for. Remember it is still just one persons (ok two) opinion. It is meant to get the ideas flowing for your own boat, and give you details of what we look for in a product for X,Y or Z. Get the boat safe, your sailing skills tuned, and the crew comfortable (both mentally and physically), and go. Cruising is a one great big learning experience. You'll never be fully ready, no matter how long you wait or how much stuff you add to your boat.

Hopefully you'll find this information helpful. Please drop us a line if you do, and we'll try and keep the information coming! Maybe we'll get a chance to meet you out here.

Our Mission

BC (Before Cruising) KT Roddick and Chris Myles both worked in the software industry, covering jobs with a broad spectrum of responsibilities including engineering, marketing, quality assurance and project management. Outfitting a sailboat and its crew for an extended voyage is a HUGE project, especially if you will be traveling to some of the more remote corners of the globe. We planned on a five year cruise not thinking about what we would do for a career when we returned to the real world. Cruising has changed us significantly for the better and we are now interested in helping other people cut the dock lines to enjoy this magical lifestyle.

It is not all about beautiful sunsets and rum drinks under a coconut palm. As we were getting ready we found it almost impossible to balance the quantity of data, products and information available on how you should outfit your boat. There are too many boats sitting unused in harbors that are perfectly ready for a blue water cruise, but the owners aren't. There are also many owners who are ready and itching to go, but their boats aren't fit to leave the harbor.

So what exactly is Creative Cruising Concepts, we're not sure. We know we want to help the RIGHT people get out here, and we've got three more years to figure something out. So for now please enjoy the journal of our travels and hopefully some of the information found on this website will help you get closer to realizing your sailing dreams.

If are getting ready to cruise and have found general areas of confusion, missing services or products please let us know so that we can attempt to clarify and fill the gaps in the future.

Contact Information

We are currently sailing around the World (See our Route), taking lots of notes and trying new things. To follow our travels check out our cruising website.

If you are testing a prototype and would like to give us feedback, please email us at If you have a product you are interesting in us trying please email us at

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S/V Billabong - Somewhere On the Big Blue Sea (Where are we now?)
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Hingham MA, 02043
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General Information: or use our feedback form.

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